Women Rising Fund

We are championing women real estate investors with a fund for women-owned entities and supporters of the advancement of women.

Women Rising Fund

We are championing women real estate investors with a fund for women-owned entities and supporters of the advancement of women.

Fund Overview

Building Wealth for Women


More than ever, women are pursuing real estate investing as a means to achieve financial stability, overcome unique challenges, and build wealth.

The WCP Women Rising Fund, formed in May 2022, is a result of our continuous commitment to providing resources and opportunities for women real estate investors nationwide.

  • Total Offering:  Min. $1MM up to $50MM
  • Min. Investment:  $50,000
  • Preferred Return:  7%, plus performance –
  • Quarterly Payments
  • Accredited Investors Only

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The fund offers investors access to secured, first-position real estate loans that are underwritten, originated, and actively managed by the Washington Capital Partners Team. The fund will lend exclusively to women owned borrowing entities. These loans offer capital preservation and a 7% Preferred Return plus performance to investors. Pulling from our team’s vast experience in commercial lending, risk analysis and property valuation, Washington Capital Partners uses a thorough underwriting process that considers both the subject real estate asset, as well as the borrower’s experience level, creditworthiness and track record.  

Giselle Bonzi, Fund Manager 

Giselle Bonzi is President of Washington Capital Partners, serves as fund manager for the WCP Women Rising Fund. Bonzi, focuses on company growth strategy as well as running daily operations and overseeing company-wide performance. While Giselle does not enjoy being referred to as an entrepreneur, she has started and exited companies while also providing strategic advice and seed domestic and international start-up ventures across several industries. Before joining WCP, Giselle has worked extensively in private equity and international portfolio management across the United States, Africa, and Latin America. Her passion and commitment to making an impact in the world have her involved in multiple philanthropic causes including her founding and leading role at The WCP Foundation. Giselle’s personal and professional funding to international background carries over to her life outside of work, as she loves traveling the world with her family and friends.

Giselle holds a Master of Public Health from Northeastern University and an MBA from the Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

    About Washington Capital Partners

    Our Business

    Washington Capital Partners (WCP) is an award-winning hard money lender headquartered in the Washington DC-Metro area. WCP provides financing to real estate investors from fix and flips, new construction and development, to rental properties. The catalyst for WCP’s growth and success is relationship building through real market and industry knowledge paired with a superior borrower experience. This approach has led WCP to become the largest hard money lender on the East Coast, serving New Jersey down to Florida, and now lending in Texas.

    Our Mission

    The new standard in hard money lending – rooted in your need for faster, smarter, and more flexible funding.

    Our Vision

    To succeed in real estate, investors need expertise, partnership, and superior service from their lender. This is the evolution of hard money lending, and we’re here to lead it.

    WCP Fund I return for Q2 2022:  7.00%

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