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Every dollar associated with your loan is disclosed to you up front. WCP was founded by investors who were fed up with hidden fees and surprise costs, so we choose total transparency instead. Your dedicated loan officer will always be available to review and break down what your total costs will be to secure an investment property.

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We genuinely appreciate your business, so we reward your loyalty with savings. Every dollar that you borrow from WCP earns rewards points that you can redeem to save you on construction draw inspections, payoff requests, and processing fees. This is our way of giving back to those we have built a partnership with – let’s get started with a quick estimate of your deal!

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If you have a positive experience working with WCP, we’ll reward you for referrals sent our way! If you put us in contact with another investor who closes a loan with WCP, you’ll gain access to benefits and discounts off of your next loan. Talk to a loan officer today about what kind of benefits you qualify for, and start saving money by referring your fellow investors.

Hard Money Loan Experts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Whether you’re looking to fix and flip houses in the suburbs like West Chester, or you invest in condo conversions in Center City, WCP has you covered. The beauty of real estate investing in Philly is that we support you in funding all kinds of investing strategies which also includes commercial. If you do high-end renovations in Chestnut Hill that target the executive-class, or if you buy and hold rentals in Fishtown to cater to a trendy, younger market, we’ll fund that. Philadelphia has a strong economy that has shifted away from labor-based jobs and attracts higher-paying office work. This creates the perfect opportunity for a savvy investor. You have a ton of older homes with demand for modern touches. Finding a project in Philly is easy, and getting funding is even easier when you have Philadelphia’s trusted hard money lender on your side!

Real Estate Investing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

While Philadelphia may have a larger economy, Pittsburgh has emerged as a new real estate investing hotspot. The homes are relatively inexpensive and older when compared to other modern cities, and the market appreciation is up 23% over the last 5 years (dated 2019). Pittsburgh was rated the #1 “best city for jobs” by Glassdoor in 2018, meaning the economy is stable and the jobs themselves are well-paying and attracting new residents. You also have numerous schools including the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon creating a demand for rental units. We shared more reasons on why Pittsburgh is a new hot market for real estate investors in our blog.

Rental Investing in Scranton, Pennsylvania

Scranton is an interesting opportunity for a savvy real estate investor.  Scranton is considered great opportunity for flip-to-rent projects, but has historically been looked at as a no-go for fix and flips. This is due to high property taxes and an permitting process that moves like molasses. But all of the city’s inhabitants need a place to live and there are plenty of deals out there, so the rental and home purchasing game is strong. Not only can you scoop up deals within the city, but the suburbs and surrounding towns have plenty of inventory without some of the permitting headaches of Scranton proper. If you’re looking to expand your rental portfolio, check out Scranton.  Because of its reasonably close proximity to New York City and Philadelphia, Scranton may become a place where you live and do a weekly commute to the major metropolitan cities.