Driving Equality and Evolution Within Our Communities


Our Approach

The WCP Foundation was born after a long-time dream to contribute to our community through not only the work that we do but also with the profits from our efforts. We want to ensure that through our work we can reach initiatives that create systemic changes while addressing social and economic inequalities such as immigration reform, racial inequality, economic empowerment, housing sustainability, and environmental causes.

Our Leadership


Board of Directors

Giselle Bonzi, Chairwoman

Daniel Huertas, Vice-Chairman

Board of Advisors

Christina Araujo

Jared Fausnaught

Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion

At The WCP Foundation, we include people from all backgrounds to ensure diversity of thought and equal opportunities for learning and collaboration among all team members. Embracing diversity starts from within as we have created both a company and a foundation that upholds this as a pillar of the organization, but to further our efforts we have partnered with other organizations that not only provide services that support our key initiatives but also embrace diversity in their organizations.

Our Initiatives

Racial Inequality: creating change through the support of activities that decrease racial disparities in housing patterns, access to education and health, poverty, and unemployment rates as well as incarceration rates

Health Disparities: support existing health organizations’ efforts to address inequalities in access to healthcare and healthcare delivery.

Immigration Reform: transforming current immigration reform to amend and remove faults or abuses that affect immigrants

Economic Empowerment: providing access to capital to people who would otherwise be marginalized by the financial system in such a way that they can start and/or grow their business in real estate investing

Housing Sustainability: supporting actions that ensure natural resources availability for future generations to live equally or better than we do while investing in real estate projects which are energy efficient and utilize sustainable materials and methods

WCP Foundation Partner Organizations

Every non-profit/charity that we partner with is first vetted for their financial health and accountability/transparency. We are proud to partner with highly-rated organizations that have proven to do the most good for the causes that we hold mutual passion for. Below are some of the organizations that The WCP Foundation has donated to in our mission to create a better world for all.

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