Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Commitment to Our Community


At Washington Capital Partners, investor and borrower satisfaction does not begin or end with each financial transaction. Our business ethics and expansive corporate sustainability practices are crucial to our corporate identity and success. In addition to our environmental contributions through our mindfulness in energy and water conservation – as well as a recycling program – we are also strongly committed to social and governance issues.

Our commitment to our stakeholders begins at the core of our company; we truly care about our people. We believe in recruiting, developing, and retaining only the best and brightest people in our industry. Our strength is in our diversity and it’s our values and ethics that unite us. We foster collaboration and promote diversity at all levels with our team members, borrowers, and investors.

As a financial sector enterprise, we are committed to ensuring the continued financial health of our investors and borrowers. Financial and legal regulation in how we conduct business is key to ensuring risk management for our stakeholders. We provide a transparent and accessible platform to educate investors on how we are handling their investment both in terms of risks and returns. We not only look to provide improved access to capital, but we are committed to offering responsible loan products with policies and terms that take into consideration the success of our borrowers while safeguarding their finances.

Likewise, the security and privacy of our borrowers and investors are taken with utmost care and respect. As a financially inclusive institution, we take measured risks, but we think outside the box. We provide loans to people who otherwise would be marginalized by the traditional financing system. We believe in the transformative power of economic development for under-served markets and communities. With our efforts, we contribute to job creation, higher tax revenue for local communities, increased property values, increased revival and redevelopment efforts – which in turn improves community identity and pride. We contribute to innovation, as more developed communities increase access to improved infrastructure and attract new businesses and new job opportunities.

While we care about increasing and sustaining stakeholder value, we also care about working with investors who want to work with us to make a positive impact in their local communities. We are proud to work with like-minded people who live by our core values and mission.