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Hard Money Loan Experts in Charlotte, North Carolina

Whether you’re looking to fix and flip houses, build a rental portfolio, or invest in commercial properties in Charlotte, you’re covered. If your strategy is to flip a property in the fantastic arts district of NoDa, we’re ready to help. If your preference is the family-friendly neighborhoods of Barclay Downs and Myer’s Park, look no further. Securing a Charlotte property using hard money from Washington Capital Partners is streamlined and affordable.

Loans in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

With no shortage of unique neighborhoods that are as diverse as the population, our hard money loans for the Raleigh Durham area can be tailored to match your specific project’s needs. Whether it’s a rental property by the university or a fix and flip project on a single-family home in the up-and-coming southeast neighborhoods, you’ll get the funding that matches your project; and beat the competition to the deal.

Real Estate Investing in Cary, North Carolina

As you know, the Triangle is a diverse and eclectic area with people from all walks of life, and that is what makes Cary an appealing mecca for North Carolina real estate investing. Cary has a vibrant, younger generation with significant disposable income looking for both updated houses and modern rentals. With a majority of houses built before the rise of smart devices, Cary is an ideal spot for both fix and flip and rental investors, and we’re ready to fund your project!

Real Estate Investing in Asheville, North Carolina

This historic but vibrant city is prime for real estate investing. You’ll find an overflow of rehab and rebuild opportunities in the form of houses from the 1910s and 1920s. This area is still rich with properties primed for rebuilding from the flooding in 2004. But Asheville isn’t your typical place for real estate investing in North Carolina.

Asheville boasts tourist attractions like Biltmore Estate, the glass blowing factory, and a vibrant art scene, making it attractive to both fix and flip and rental investors. Real estate investing in Asheville is a great way to expand your portfolio with multiple property types and our loans and experience are ready to meet your needs.

Real Estate Investing in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Situated next to Durham, wealthier folks who are looking for an escape from the Triangle but don’t want to give up the suburban feel flock to Chapel Hill. There’s a large inventory of single-family homes here that are prime for fixing up. If your game plan is rehabbing property with solid bones versus tear-downs, this is a prime area for real estate investors like you. Many of the homes will need pretty vanilla rehabs, making your time from purchase to listing much quicker than the more heavily run-down urban areas in the Triangle. Chapel Hill is also a great option for investors who seek higher-end projects, as it contains neighborhoods around the city-center fetching resale prices above the $1 Million mark.

Real Estate Investing in Greensboro, North Carolina

As Chapel Hill and Durham begin to rise in prices, people are looking for affordable cities where they can keep their urban and suburban lives, but not break their bank accounts. That is what makes Greensboro appealing to both home-buyers and real estate investors. Greensboro used to have one of the highest crime rates which heavily influenced the low-priced houses. But don’t let that deter you away from looking at it as a potential hotspot for real estate investing in North Carolina. If you look at the popular listing sites, you’ll see numerous homes for sale ranging from $60,000 (offering rental investment potential at the lower-end) to $500,000+ (giving the potential for the profit margins that fix and flip investors need to grow their businesses). Savvy real estate investors in North Carolina are keeping a close eye on Greensboro, and some have already picked up rental properties now that have the potential for hefty rehab and resale later on as the city grows. Greensboro is roughly 50 miles from Durham and the Triangle, and the city features science centers, aquariums, and quick access to the Virginia Beaches. These are only a few of the reasons Greensboro is appealing to young families as the crime rates continue to fall and housing prices haven’t begun to skyrocket yet.