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No matter what your situation is or why you need a refinance, our knowledgeable team is here to support you. Investors like you come to us for funding when they simply want a better rate than what they currently have or for more complex situations. Whether your current lender is delaying your project by not giving out construction draws on time or refusing to grant a loan extension, our refinancing program can help you get around any roadblocks that may be limiting the success of your project.  

From the moment you submit a request for a free quote, you’ll be in direct contact with a local lending expert who can run the numbers and see how we can provide a superior experience than your current lender. Their primary goal will be to learn about your current investments and goals to save you the maximum amount of time and money. Once we have solved the issues you are experiencing with your current lender, we can focus on building a fast, efficient, and successful partnership for all your projects in the future.  Communication doesn’t stop after your loan is closed. Our team of lending specialists will provide you with fast construction draws (if needed), interest payment reminders, and a painless and penalty-free payoff system. Your dedicated specialist can even keep your up to date with promotions and off-market properties to keep your investing business booming.  

As the largest local hard money lender, we have the knowledge, experience, and capital to bring your project to successful completion. Whether you need more time or more funds, let us handle the loan so that you can focus on finishing what you started.  

Contact us today and we’ll underwrite your deal free if you decide to move forward and provide you with any guidance you may need. Finding funding to refinance a loan has never been easier when you have a trusted partner in your corner, not just a lender. 

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Not Sure if a Refinancing Loan is For You?  Let Us Help.

Taking out a second loan to pay your first can sound confusing or even risky, but it’s actually more common than you might think. Sometimes unexpected issues arise like when a project runs over budget due to unforeseen problems with the property like flooding or mold, or even stolen rehab materials. 

There’s plenty of reasons why you may need more time or money to complete your project, but there are also a lot of questions you might have about refinancing.  Below you’ll find easy answers in plain English to help you figure out if this may be the right option for you. 

What is a refinancing loan?

When you’re talking about traditional, owner-occupied mortgages, it is a way to get lower interest rates for a homeowner who has not yes paid off their mortgage.  For investors, it is a way to secure more time or more capital needed to complete your property rehab, or a lower interest rate than what the borrower is currently paying.  

How much do they cost?

Each lender will have unique rates based on the risk assessment, fees for title searches, and closings as well as underwritings.  It’s important to ask about all fees and services upfront so you are not surprised when you’re presented with the total cost of your loan. 

Can I refinance with bad credit?

Yes, you can get a refinancing loan with bad credit.  Lenders look at everything from your previous investment history to equity and other risk factors. Credit is only one of the factors that paint the picture of a borrower’s loan-worthiness.

What alternatives are there?

Mortgagors may be able to get a mortgage recast.  Investors will have numerous options depending on what their goal is. If they’re acquiring and flipping a property, a fix and flip or acquisition loan may be right.  There are 8 core types of hard money loans for investors so if this one doesn’t seem perfect, there is almost always another option. 

How quickly can I refinance a loan for an investment property?

These transactions can sometimes close in as little as 2 business days.  It depends on your situation with your current lender, the amount you need, what is currently paid off and what the potential risk is.  If you come prepared to take out the loan and provide all given information the lender needs, a reputable one should have an approval or decline in less than a week. 

What are the pros and cons of refinancing loans?

The main pros of a refinancing loan are that they can save you money via lower interest rates, they can consolidate debts, and they can give you access to the extra funds or longer loan term that you need to correctly finish rehabbing your property. In some places you can convert an adjustable interest rate into a fixed rate depending on the type of loan you take out. 

The cons of a refinancing loan Is that the monthly interest rate of your new loan may be higher as a result of you receiving more time or capital than you initial needed to complete your project. If it’s a newer loan, the transaction costs may outweigh the savings, which you have to keep in mind when running the numbers. One of the biggest concerns should be if the new appraisal comes back lower than the original one.  This can impact the expected return on investment and potentially harm your approval for the funding you need. 

Can this be used to consolidate other debts?

Yes, in many cases, you can use refinancing loans to consolidate other funding debts.  For example, if you owe to three or four lenders, you can often find one lender who will pay each off and place that debt into a single loan with a single set of monthly interest payments, making your life much easier and manageable.