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We’ve learned from decades of industry experience that success in real estate investing is often a result of the relationships that you make. Our lending business is all about building partnerships and delivering value where other lenders don’t. We pride ourselves on delivering the speed, expertise, and support that investors need to grow and succeed.

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Our company is built on lasting relationships, not one-time deals. Our mission is to bolster your success on all fronts – providing fast capital, offering legitimate investing guidance, and creating a partnership that will result in many more deals to come. We continue to look for new ways to bring you value as an investor, utilizing relationships and technology to deliver.

No Hidden Fees

Every dollar associated with your loan is disclosed to you up front. WCP was founded by investors who were fed up with hidden fees and surprise costs, so we choose total transparency instead. Your dedicated loan officer will always be available to review and break down what your total costs will be to secure an investment property.

Borrower Rewards

We genuinely appreciate your business, so we reward your loyalty with savings. Every dollar that you borrow from WCP earns rewards points that you can redeem to save you on construction draw inspections, payoff requests, and processing fees. This is our way of giving back to those we have built a partnership with – let’s get started with a quick estimate of your deal!

Referral Rewards

If you have a positive experience working with WCP, we’ll reward you for referrals sent our way! If you put us in contact with another investor who closes a loan with WCP, you’ll gain access to benefits and discounts off of your next loan. Talk to a loan officer today about what kind of benefits you qualify for, and start saving money by referring your fellow investors.

Hard Money Loan Experts in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Real estate investors looking to invest in Florida should highly consider Fort Lauderdale as one of their top options. Not only is Fort Lauderdale one of the best locations in Florida, but its rapidly increasing population combined with steadily increasing property values make it a hot spot for investing. Fort Lauderdale is a prime spot for long-term rental opportunities with average rental prices in the $2,000’s and median home values in the $300,000’s. Learn more about what makes Fort Lauderdale a prime location for investors.

Rental Loans in Tampa, FL

Tampa was ranked first among affordable markets for first time home buyers, making it a great market for real estate investors to take advantage of. Short-term and traditional rentals offer a high return on investment in the Tampa area due to a growing population and strong economy. There’s a high demand for housing as people flood the Tampa area for work and living, creating a huge demand. Tampa’s median home price is $356,794 and the median monthly rent is $1,589, making it a hotspot for rental investors.

Investing Hotspot in Orlando

Orlando is one of the best locations in the country to purchase rental properties and real estate in general. It’s home to a variety of well-known beaches and of course the amusement park attractions of Disney World. Housing prices have steadily been increasing over the last couple of years and so has the population, making the city an attractive location for rental investors.