Market Responses To COVID-19 Have Required Us To Make Changes To Our Loan Offerings

Market Responses To COVID-19 Have Required Us To Make Changes To Our Loan Offerings

Hard money loans designed around you, the investor.

Hard money loans designed around you, the investor.


Funding for just the acquisition of an investment  property, while the construction costs are funded by the borrower
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Fix & Flip

Funding for both the acquisition and construction of an investment property
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Transactional Funding

Fast funding for wholesalers to acquire and assign a property to a third-party buyer, minimal cash into the transaction
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Cash-Out Refinancing

Funding made available by leveraging your current investment asset – funds must be used for another business-related investment
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Bridge Financing

Interim funding, typically to acquire a property quickly before a borrower finds a longer-term source of capital for their project
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Funding to pay off an existing loan, typically used for a borrower to receive better terms or lower rates
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Rental (Currently Unavailable)

Funding for the purchase of a rental property at a low rate and a long term – no seasoning period required
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New Construction

Funding for shovel-ready developments or tear-down properties, allowing investors to start from scratch
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Washington Capital Partners is a private hard money lender, funding a variety of investment projects across Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and beyond.

We have built a team of fellow investors in order to offer both lending services as well as advice and assistance to clients. While hard money lending is our business platform, relationships are the real catalyst for our success.

A very pleasant experience. Seamlessly delivered, as promised on our first meeting and in record time. We communicated our urgency, we were given a date and Washington Capital Partners came through. Thank you.

Serena M.

Great to work with. Excellent transaction. Good communication. No surprises.

Sharon W.
Residential Plus Real Estate Services

Great service. I can’t complain one bit!!! Got the deal closed fast on the purchase. Provided the payoff after a last-minute request during resale of the renovation. Looking to WCP for my next loan now.

Marcus T.

If you are looking for a hard money lender, rehab opportunities and a team of talented and seasoned investors that provide an unmatched level of customer support and service, then I highly recommend you contact Washington Capital Partners today!

Matthew W.
MJ Home Sales – Pearson Smith Realty

WCP was very patient and professional and helped us to understand the process as we went alone. I would recommend them to anyone looking for the services they offer.

Derek M.