So with the Planning Stage of the process complete (see Part 1), it’s time to start recruiting candidates and vetting them.

Searching Stage

Start with employee referrals. If you have an existing team, utilize their contacts and network to find additional candidates. If you have hired a solid bunch already, shouldn’t you trust their judgment to refer quality candidates? These are some of the best leads because your team already knows them, and they are 100% free to find.

What is the budget for your recruiting efforts?

  • If you need to hire ASAP, you will likely need to spend more money on recruiting efforts (boosting job listings, using multiple platforms, etc.). Come up with a number based on your needs, and how many candidates you think you will need in order to find “the one.”


What recruiting platforms will be most effective in finding your desired candidate?

  • General job listing sites like Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, and Glassdoor are excellent options for seeking out a candidate. Don’t forget about niche sites that focus on recruiting within specific industries and careers.


How do you want to present yourself to candidates?

  • Be honest and straightforward. Ask yourself, “If an invisible journalist were to write about your day-to-day office culture, what would they say? What are the best parts? What are the challenges?” How can you expect honesty from a candidate if you are not honest with your recruiting practices?


What is your company culture?

  • Make a company culture video and USE IT – embed it on your site, link it in your posts, set it as your Facebook Cover Video, etc. People want to see the team behind a company, so don’t be afraid to give them a look “behind the scenes.”
  • What is your history/future in the industry?
  • How will the candidate fit into your team?
    • Know that it’s not uncommon that the most experienced or well-qualified candidate doesn’t get hired because they would not fit in with the company culture.


Create a Stand-Out Job Post

  • Your job post is a marketing piece, so make sure you treat it like one! You’ll need to know what potential candidates are looking for and what they are steering clear of, and use these as talking points. Stand out from every other monotonous job post by utilizing images and videos both on your own website and third-party job sites.
    • If you’re seeking a candidate with graphic design skills, do you think they want to read through hundreds of lines of Times New Roman? Definitively not. They want to work for a company that recognizes the importance of using imagery in ALL aspects of marketing, including marketing for new hires.
    • Try creating something truly captivating on your website’s Careers page, or link media to your job posting. You have to ask, “what’s going to wow your candidates into wanting to work for you instead of Joe Schmo with his bulleted list of available positions?”
    • Optimize for mobile! If your website isn’t already optimized for mobile compatibility, then let this be your wakeup call. Mobile browsing is now the dominant browsing device – it’s as simple as that.