Recommended Books

Double Double

This is an awesome book for someone who wants to take their investing company and start treating it like a true business. The focus here is on doubling your company’s profits in 2 years through fast growth and best practices. It touches on a lot of different topics like vision, technology, discipline, and balance. The main theme of the book is focus and applying it to everything your company does. I’d say Double Double is one of the best business management books out there.

Living with a Seal

It’s a great read about living and being trained by a US Navy Seal changed Jessie Itzler’s life. Jessie is a former rapper turned successful entrepreneur who will try anything. He offers a US Navy SEAL to live with him for a month and train him to be better at all aspects of his life , not just physical fitness. There’s a ton of funny moments as well as significant takeaways for every aspect of your life and pushing yourself to the absolute limit.

Tax-Free Wealth: How to Build Massive Wealth by Permanently Lowering Taxes

Let’s be honest, talking about taxes rarely excites anyone. Read by a few of us here at WCP, Tax-Free Wealth provides ideas on how to make more money and pay less taxes. While the tips and secrets aren’t for everyone, they’re perfect for investors with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Entrusted: Building A Legacy That Lasts

This book is a refreshing departure from the typical approach to wealth and estate planning. Many books focus on the strategies for estate planning that pass the most amount of wealth possible to the beneficiaries, but hardly any focus on how to prepare the beneficiaries to receive the wealth. Through interesting stories of those before us who have successfully  passed down their legacy, this book is surprisingly engaging for such a traditionally dry topic.



This is my go-to place for keeping up with local developments and neighborhood news. It’s a great resource for investors to keep an eye on the up and coming areas. Right now you can read about plans for the first bookstore to open in Anacostia in over 2 decades and why DC ranked #3 for the most satisfied renters in the nation.

The BiggerPockets Blog

You won’t find me at any real estate investing meetups over the break but that doesn’t mean I can’t use this time to meet other investors.  With the highest concentration of REI investors anywhere online, forum it’s a great place to ask questions, share strategies, and connect with others.

We love their blog not only for their investing  content but their informative articles on marketing, entrepreneurship, and personal finance. And they’re not afraid to tell us like it is! Read they’re most recent article, Fix and Flippers, Don’t Let a Hot Market Make You Lazy.



Are you more of a visual learner? With over 28,000 followers Clayton Morris puts out weekly videos about creating a passive income, acquiring rentals, and more. Watch his most recent video, 8 Tax Deductions for Real Estate Investors 2018.

Driving for Dollars


While everyone’s inside partaking in a post-Thanksgiving meal nap, head out for a drive! If you don’t already do it, Driving for Dollars is a fun way to get familiar with an area, make connections with locals, and most importantly scope out some investment properties.

Read our complete breakdown including: what to prep, what to look for, and how to follow up when Driving for Dollars.