Fix and Flip Deal Calculator

*This calculator is intended only to generate estimates and does not guarantee the terms of any loan. In order to get the most accurate figures for a hard money loan, you should contact a lending expert for a full loan underwriting.

Get an instant analysis of any Fix and Flip property

Our loan calculator gives you an accurate breakdown of the costs and profitability of your real estate investment. By understanding the financials of your deal ahead of time, you can prepare properly and account for potential errors or fixes. This tool allows you as an investor to quickly and easily analyze the ROI of your fix and flip deals. It is quick, simple, free, and does not require login credentials. Just enter your numbers and get instant results.

Why partner with us for your Fix and Flip Hard Money loan?

Are you an investor or flipper looking for a fix and flip loan? Our program provides up to 90% of the total project cost, which includes the purchase price and rehab costs. With no prepayment penalty, you can sell the property quickly and get your money back fast. We understand the house flipping process and can structure loans to fit your specific needs. We’re here to be your business partner, making your success our top priority.

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Project Cost Worksheet

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Our Process

We streamline the hard money lending process so you can get the funding you need to start your next project as quickly as possible.


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