As we approach the holidays, you may be shifting your focus from investing to upcoming events, shopping, and time with family. And you know what? There’s nothing wrong with that. But there’s a huge opportunity to acquire your next property now and have it completed in time for the spring selling season.

“Buy low, sell high.” It’s the fundamental idea behind investing – and acquiring a property right now allows you to do exactly that. As the market slows heading into the holidays, demand drops and prices follow suit. If you can find a motivated seller at the bottom of the annual market cycle, you’ve struck gold. The key is to pick a property that has an ideal rehab timeframe – anywhere from 3-6 months. So, pick a winner and capitalize on the low prices of the impending winter market.



Here’s the best part – your rehab timeline will place your completed property right in the middle of the spring selling season. And as a seller, you’ll get to enjoy all of the benefits of the spring market.

Higher Sales Prices

Spring means a spike in demand, and in turn, you’re looking at less time on market, a higher probability of a bidding war between buyers, and you can generally afford to be picky when it comes to the offers on your property.

Higher Valuations

As sales prices soar and other properties hit the market, you’ll find an influx of high-value comps. With plenty of pricy properties to compare to, you’re far more likely to hear those magic words – “Your appraisal came in high!”

Homes Simply Look Better

With longer days and plenty of sunlight, your property is going to show at its finest. Spring weather means that any landscaping on your property (or anywhere in the neighborhood) will be colorful and healthy. The extra sunlight means that you can show off the natural light on the interior, and desirable features on the exterior, even during evening showings.

So you’ve bought at a low price, you rehabbed during the undesirable winter market, and you sold at the peak of spring selling season. Sounds like you just made some money.

This year, give yourself the gift of a smart investment – buy now, sell in the spring.

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