The end of the hot spring market is approaching. If you have not put your investment on the market yet don’t panic, here are some Summer investing tips to keep in mind that will give your property the value and appeal it needs to sell as the market slows down. Always keep in mind that first impressions speak volumes. This means that although you may have had to dig out the basement, or add on new electrical panels as necessities to keep up with the neighborhood, that is not what the buyer is going to notice first. Although these are great additions to tell the buyer about, the buyer will initially be captivated by your attention to detail throughout the property and its physical appearance.

Curbside appeal is crucial; it is the first image the buyer soaks up when touring the property. Since we are entering the beginning of Summer, buyers are going to be attracted to bright colors and a well-groomed yard. Plant flowers to add vibrant colors to the exterior. Side for grass instead of straw when revamping the front yard. A luscious, freshly cut, green yard looks much more appealing this time of year then some straw and grass seed. Power washing the exterior is a budget friendly way to freshen up the exterior appearance if you are not planning on replacing the siding or painting the brick. Go the extra mile to seal the drive way to give it a fresh, clean coat. These details can transform the appearance of your properties’ exterior and increase the amount of people that will pursue your property. Spending the extra money to give your investment the exterior make over it needs can help you get your property off the market faster thus cutting down the days of interest you are paying on your loan.

When sprucing up the interior focus on what will catch the buyers eye and welcome them into their potential new home. Put yourself into the mindset that you are selling a home and not just a house. You want people to be able to visualize themselves living here. This is where a stager can come in handy. We highly recommend having someone stage your house before you put in on the market. This can greatly decrease the amount of time the property spends on the market because it allows people to visualize themselves living in the property. Instead of leaving it to the buyer’s imagination to develop what the place could look like, provide them that image right off the bat to create an emotional connection to the house. As basic as it might sounds make sure nothing is broken, and that all the hardware matches. If a cabinet is not quite hinged on correctly and the buyer notices, this could put a negative image in their head of how you treated the property while it was in your possession. Always complete a final walk through with your contractor. Come prepared with a checklist of items to make sure are completed up to standard. Do not be afraid to point out imperfections you notice during the final walkthrough, if you noticed them odds are potential buyers will notice them as well.

Once construction and renovations conclude and you are ready to put the property on the market research, hire a professional photographer to take your listing pictures. There is a noticeable difference between photos taken from a smart phone and those from a professional camera. Invest in a quality professional photographer to capture the project you have put so much time and money. These pictures are what will represent your property online and be the initial impression potential buyers get of your property. These pictures need to intrigue people so they want to come tour the property. In addition to taking impressionable pictures you will want to price your property reasonably but competitively.

If you are looking to list your house in the upcoming Summer season, consider details you can embellish your property with. If you don’t know where to begin start on the outside, curbside appeal can make a world of difference in the total audience you attract. These extra cost might be worth investing in to result in a faster sell in the slower market time approaching. Most important of all, you save money because you will not be carrying the property as long allowing you to cut down your monthly fees and ideally allow you to focus on your next project.

If you have any questions or are looking for some guidance with your investment, please reach out to us! We are here as a resource for you, and look forward to helping you and your investment succeed.