Here’s a list of some of our favorite books for real estate investors. These books cover a wide variety of topics from basics of investing, to business management, and how to own all aspects of your life.

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor is kind of a one-stop-shop for all things real estate investing. The book goes over a variety of topics from how to find properties to flipping, wholesaling, and rentals. While this isn’t the most colorful book, it really does a good job of covering all of the subjects that a real estate investor should be well-versed in. It kind of serves as a textbook for you to gain the basic knowledge and principles of investing.

Confessions of a Real Estate Entrepreneur

Confessions of a Real Estate Entrepreneur is a no-nonsense book outlining how to get serious about investing. This isn’t a get-rich-quick guide, it’s a realistic approach to the investing industry and how to prepare yourself for success. The author, James Randel, using a lot of good stories and real life examples from his own investing career, making it both enjoyable and useful.

Double Double

Double Double is an awesome book for those who want to scale their business and really maximize potential. The focus here is on doubling your companies profit in two years through fast growth and best practices. It touches on a lot of different topics like vision, technology, discipline, and balance. The main theme of the book is focus and applying it to everything your company does. There are tons of useful ideas for growth in the form of low-budget advertising, minimizing wasted time, and constantly analyzing your progress. I’d say Double Double is one of the best overall business management books out there.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad is an excellent book to motivate beginners. The author tells his own story about the two most influential men of his childhood – his father and his best friend’s father. His own father was poor member of the rat race with no financial literacy. His friend’s father, on the other hand, is a self-motivated business man who has a thorough knowledge of accounting, taxes, and overall money management (despite having no formal education). Throughout the book the author echoes the themes of financial literacy, taking control of your own business, and success through disciplined and fearless practices.

Living with a SEAL

Living with a SEAL is a great read about how living and being trained by a Navy SEAL changed Jesse Itzler’s life. Jesse is a successful entrepreneur, endurance athlete, and former rapper who will give anything a try. He hires a Navy SEAL to live with him for a month and train him to be better in all aspects of his life, not just physical fitness. There’s a ton funny moments as well as very significant takeaways about owning every aspect of your life and pushing yourself to the absolute limit.