Finding a property flip can be hard enough, hence seeking out one specific type of property like a fire-damaged house can turn into a never-ending pursuit. Although they are rare, you can find fire-damaged properties on wholesale website such as GreatDCDeals. But there are other things you can do to amp up your search. Consider using the strategies below to get notified when fire-damaged properties become available.

Networking with People That Come in Contact with Them

When a house fire occurs there are a lot of people involved. Meaning, there are a lot of people you can find and build relationships with. Everyone involved from putting out the flames and dealing with the aftermath are all people that could be the source for your next “smokin” deal.

Here a few people to network with:

  • Insurance agents
  • Insurance adjusters
  • Firefighters and their fundraisers
  • Contractors and home repair companies
  • First responders

Next, it’s time to create a plan for how and where you’re going to meet these people, establish a rapport, and bond with them. To stary, you can tap into your own circle of friends and family that have personal relationships with these people.

If you don’t know anyone who can help connect you with the aforementioned individuals, try looking up local events. Charity events, fundraisers, conferences, and even volunteering opportunities are all situations where you can meet with them face-to-face. For example, fire stations are always having events that range anywhere from cook-outs to bingo nights, are always looking for volunteers. By putting yourself in a situation where you’re helping or supporting them, they’ll be more likely to give you leads on burned-out properties.

Using the Internet to Set Up Alerts

An easy, free way to get real-time information on fires is setting up an alert system on Google Alerts. Use any email account to set up an alert system here. As a result, you can easily keep tabs on the areas you’re interested in buying a burned house in. For example, if you want information on fires in PG county you can set your alert system to email you anytime something is published online with the words “fire PG County.”

Notifications from news articles and tweets will hit your inbox allowing you to capture information on the fire and even the address. By having the address you can then visit the property in-person or submit a FOIA request for the full report.

Using Social Media to Find Fire Damaged Properties

You probably check your social media accounts a few times a day, right? Why not follow or like your local fire department’s social media account to see information on fires in the area. The DC Fire and EMS twitter account does a great job at posting the address of a fire they’re responding to and updates regarding injuries and resolutions. They also share information on upcoming events where you can plan to meet them face-to-face and start building relationships.