Our Loan Programs

Our Loan Programs

Providing the foundation for successful investments

Providing the foundation for successful investments

Acquisition Money

We can provide up to 80% of the purchase price of your next investment property. This loan focuses solely on the acquisition of a property, regardless of your investment strategy.

Construction & Repair

This is traditional “fix & flip” loan. We provide funding for both the acquisition and construction of your next investment property. Whether it’s a full-gut or simply cosmetic repairs, we typically fund 100% of construction costs.


Leveraging your current investment asset, we can provide funding for your next deal. We do not require you to possess your current investment free and clear.

Transactional Funding

With no money down, we can provide wholesalers with funds to acquire and assign a property to a third-party buyer. This is also known as a “double close.”

New Construction

We offer new construction lending for those looking to start from scratch. Each loan is specially structured based on the project parameters.

New Flip-To-Rent Hybrid Loan Product

A smarter way to grow your portfolio.

New Flip-To-Rent Hybrid Loan Product

A smarter way to grow your portfolio.

How It Works

Step 1: BUY

Step one is acquiring the investment property. This works the same as a typical hard money loan.

Step 3: RENT

Step three is finding and placing a tenant in the investment property. WCP requires a copy of the lease agreement and assignment of rents.

Step 2: REPAIR

Step two is repairing the distressed investment property. Construction funds will be released via a draw schedule.

Step 4: MODIFY

Step four is modifying the existing loan to reflect a lower rate and a 2-year term. No second set of closing costs.

Step 5: REPEAT

Step five is repeating. You can continuously use this hybrid loan to flip and rent properties to grow your portfolio.

Features & Benefits

Finding new ways to provide value has never been more important.

Multiple Exit Strategies

  • Investors no longer need to sell properties they would have otherwise kept as rentals.
  • This allows you to season a property during your hard money loan term so that you can refinance out through a bank later.

Cost Savings

  • One loan
  • One Set of Closing Costs
  • No Seasoning Period

Lower Interest Rate

  • Once a tenant is secured, WCP will modify your loan to a lower rate and a 1+ year extended loan term
  • Bridges the gap between investors that want to flip properties and those that want to keep as rentals